Why I Don’t Lose Weight: Top-5 Keto Mistakes to Avoid

Can’t lose weight on keto? Well, you’re not alone! The controversial high fat diet is well known for its fast performance by helping people to lose weight. Many people believe that following this diet is just a smooth ride that involves small tweaks, but they are wrong. If you are a beginner on the keto diet, you need to do enough research before embarking on it for your weight loss goal.

Otherwise, going keto without enough knowledge can make it so ineffective, and you end up falling for some nasty side effects. Weight loss on keto Success never comes easily and may involve investing some bucks on the best exogenous ketones and incorporating with other diet nutrition requirements. Check out below common keto mistakes to avoid.

1. Eating Excess Calories

How do you balance calorie intake? It is prudent to track your calorie intake using a keto calculator to lose weight at least twice a week. For you to achieve the calorie intake goal perfectly, it is good to be mindful of the quantity of food by stopping once you feel full.

Tasty food

2. Consuming Insufficient Fat

What does that mean? Fats are the primary source of fuel when on keto, not the protein. Some people would eat much protein and less fat instead of the opposite, which hinders them from losing weight as they would expect. For the diet to work, you should consume high quantities of fats and not too much protein as that will slow the weight loss. The correct protein to fat ratio varies with the individual.

3. Eating Dairy Products in Excess

Although dairy products are known to offer low carbs and high fats, eating something like cheese in excess can hurt your diet plan. When purchasing dairy products from the shops, check the sugar content and nutrition level in them.

4. Not Getting Adequate Sleep

Effects of the sleeplessness

Take a moment and think about this – Not having enough sleep! Sleep allows the body to function optimally when you are at rest. When your sleep is not sufficient, stress levels and sugar cravings hike, which in turn alters the production of ketones. It is advisable to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours for healthful life and achievement of weight loss goals.

5. Having Undiagnosed Health Issue

Before you take a step to keto living, first, you should visit your doctor for a thorough check-up. Your doctor should give you the go-ahead. If you have any disorder that’s not known, your transition to a state of ketosis can make your condition to worsen.

Conclusion: Can you lose weight on keto without exercising? The answer is no! The fastest way to lose weight on keto is by incorporating both keto diet and proper workout. Many of those who think taking supplements and keto foods are final, find it hard to achieve their weight goal. If that is you, change the habit! This guide gives basic things to avoid; for more information use the proper accessories to stay healthy.

Author’s bio: Adam Reeve is an open book who is dedicated to helping people reach their weight goals through advice and following his keto diet programs. If you meet him on the street, tell him your worries about weight management and ketogenic living. He will guide you open-heartedly!