Why is Android so Popular?

In order to understand the popularity of Android, it is very important that you know about the concept of Android user interface. The interface depends on the direct manipulation concept. It means it uses different touch gestures like tap, pinch, and swipe to handle the screen objects. Google is way ahead in developing Android Auto for automobiles, Android TV as well as Android Wear for watches. It is biggest installed OS as of now!

Being released in open source licenses, Android has gained great fame with tech companies. Developers and tech enthusiasts utilize open source code for latest and professional specs. It has truly caught attention of developers across the world for community led projects.

Android relates to a bigger audience

Android caters to a bigger mass in comparison to other OS. This audience comprises of hardcore game aficionados, bookworms, movie watchers, net browsers, avid video watchers and more. The OS supports user friendliness and has something for everyone!

Why Android and not iOS!

When you discuss Android, it is important to compare Apple with it in the first stance. Apple may be a bigger seller but it doesn’t stop the comparison tab. Undoubtedly, Apple is the czar of the smartphone world, but Android does much more with regards to volume.

When Apple was giving 4 inch screen Android gave 5 and 5.1 inch screen. Today, Android offers power to millions of smartphones across the world. It is the best platform for designing and developing apps and games for people all over the world.

Openness of Android

Android is the quickest growing mobile OS which supports hundreds and thousands of hardware, software and carrier ventures. Because of its openness, it drives immense app consumption as billions of games and applications are being downloaded monthly. Its innovativeness and quick evolution helps the developers to stay powerful and updated.

Sturdy development framework

Another big reason for the popularity of Android is its sturdy development framework. Developers avail all they require to create best in class application. They can deploy the application to billions of users over the world. It provides an integrated development environment with the best specs of development, debugging and packaging Android applications. With the help of Ide you can develop on any Android device.

Role of Google Play in enhancing Android’s popularity

Google Play Store is an open platform to distribute apps and games on an immediate basis. As Google Play provides users an open marketplace to share and download Android apps, you can touch base with the Android installed base very quickly and easily. You can monetize your app or provide it for free. You can add subscription or app products for higher revenue and engagements.

You have a number of views and perspective on why Android is gaining so much fame and has emerged as a winner across the world when it comes to android phones. It continues to be popular in today’s time and will continue to do it for many years to come, regardless of so many competitors around.