There are times when we unintentionally hurt the person or act without thinking that it would hurt them then you need to apologize. If you have hurt someone the best way to apologize is to send flowers to Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and any city that the person you have hurt is living in right now.

It is not that saying sorry will make you a smaller person in front of them but if you have hurt the other person then it is your responsibility to say sorry to them if you feel like that it is not something you should bother with then its time you start reconsidering the relationship that you have with another person.

Apologizing is one way of letting them know that you care about them as well. It is not all about ego as we said. If the person is hurt then surely your actions must have bothered them to a certain extent for them to feel this way. But you need not worry there are ways in which you can ask for forgiveness from her.

Here are a few ways in which you can apologize:


You must remember to apologize in person if you are involved in a long-distance relationship then you can always communicate to them through facetime, skype and other video calling apps. Apologizing in person seems sincere and it also shows that you mean it so that’s one way you can go about apologizing your loved one.


If you have messed up big time then you can always go for the flowers as they are known to express more than you can tell and will be perfect. There are red roses if you want to confess that you love them and as you must be aware of the bold and passionate love that the roses are known to project, these are perfect for you to apologize.

If not red roses you can also go for the red tulips they are again symbolizing the lovers’ passion that is there in the core of petals that hold it and perfect for the one you are expressing your love to, the last option is a mixed bouquet of roses as multiple messages can be conveyed through it. You can always send flowers online to Bangalore.


Remember to start with I am sorry and make her feel heard that you are sorry and you had any ill intentions towards what happened. Don’t start with the situation directly as it will surely take you a long way because the other person will just point the flaws out and you will just remain there explaining. You can always say “I did not mean to hurt and my intentions were not like that please forgive me” is just another way of asking for forgiveness and it is simple and effective.


This is very important as you need to hear the other person and understand what have you done with them and how they are feeling after you have committed those mistakes. Let them speak about it and hear it all out whatever they have to say. You will surely sense where you went wrong and will not repeat the same mistake in future.


Empathizing is the key to relationships. Try to understand what she is feeling and if you the same would have been done to you how would you have felt about that. this will surely remind you about the thing that happing to her right now and the emotions that she is going through.


If she is not forgiving you immediately which people don’t, you should not be heartbroken as this is normal just give her the space she needs and she will be surely fine. You need to tell her that you are sorry clearly and try not to show that you don’t care. Remember not to ask for forgiveness for the sake of it, if you are doing that then it is not acceptable and you should reconsider your motives towards the relationship.

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