How to Make the Most Out of Tradeshows

In case you have a new idea for a product which you want to license or promote your existing product, you need to consider attending a trade show. There are some people at the trade shows that you will have a difficult time reaching out to otherwise. In a trade show you will see the entire industry gathered together at the same place for two to three days. However, attending a trade show which is out of town can get pretty expensive.

You will be able to make the most of a trade event you attend by spending only few hours doing simple things even before the event starts.

Do Some Research

You  have to spend just twenty minutes to do some  research. If you do this research long before the event, you will be well prepared. Find out who else will be attending the trade show. For this, you can reach out to the conference organizers. No doubt, not all of them will comply. However, if you email the right person, you will  really be amazed at the results.You may want to keep some promotional material in your stall as giveaways which will create a lasting impact on the booth visitors.  The list will help you to get ahead of everybody in terms of preparing accordingly and getting the maximum leverage from the show.

Do the Recon

Before you cough up those exhibitor fees, you need to check out the trade show and attendees. If you can, you can start with a local trade show. This way you will be able to save on travel and lodging. Before getting the lay of the land, it is necessary to gain  valuable information regarding the competition and the industry so you can get your pitch and material ready.

Once you have a booth of your own, you need to draw up a strategy on how to attend to the maximum visitors.

Create an Appealing Pitch

If you only use a poster to promote your booth, there is a high chance the booth will be empty. Thus, make sure that you have a great demo. It takes nothing more than an engaging and spirited pitch that offers the solution to the respective customers. This will help you to draw more customers. If you want, you can also get a video demo. An impromptu demo is a great way to show off the product on the tablet or phone. Make sure that the video is under three minutes. However, it should have energy and conviction.

Make the Booth Appealing

The primary mistake that newbies make is of over-packing the booth with inventory and furniture. It is necessary to ensure that there is enough space for the potential customer to interact with you. You need to take into account the staff in the booth and the attendees. In order to avoid overcrowding the booth, you need to map it ahead of time. Do not place a rectangular table across your booth. This is like saying that you do not want anyone to walk in. A simple and clean booth is eye catching.

When you go to a show, you need to take it seriously. Once you get a customer’s card, make sure that you follow up.

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