Knowing About Genital Herpes In Detail

Genital herpes are regarded to be one of the worst genital infections and is caused by herpes simplex virus. The infection appears like small outbursts over the skin surface and has certain symptoms that include reddishness, inflammation and itching. The ailment remains dormant over the sensory nervous cells and gets further worsened due to biological reasons.


Herpes outbreaks appear like sores and blisters and can be extremely painful if left untreated. There are no certain evidences that proof the causes behind the disease. The activities that lead to genital herpes include traumas and afflictions that end up effecting mucosal or skin membrane of genitals.

The simplex virus type 2 occurs between 4-6months if left untreated. The only way to treat the ailment is through oral prescription. Doctors may also give certain gels, soaps and creams to apply externally in order to lessen the pain and inflammation on temporary basis.

Genital herpes occurs below the waist line thereby arraying its symptoms over glans, inner thigh, anus and penis shaft. In case of females, the symptoms tend to appear over labia, anus, vulva, pubis and clitoris. The ailments is said to occur specifically in those people who are known to be involved in unsafe sex or anal sex.

Apart from outer symptoms, some other symptoms of this ailment include constant white discharge from genitals, muscle ache, fever, chills, headache, swollen lymph nodes and malaise. Rectum inflammation is also said to occur in case the infection spreads.

Apart from oral conception methods, some of the natural remedies to cure genital herpes include:

  1. Maintaining hygiene at genital areas
  2. Wiping the genitals with wet cloth in order to keep it clean and dry
  3. Putting cotton between the panty and genital

Many researches unleash that natural extracts of plants and nutritional supplements can also help to relive the symptoms of genital herpes. The natural extract of Echinacea plant helps the sufferer to develop certain unusual immunity that combats the infection naturally. Another research reveals that propolis ointment is also helpful in relieving pain along with curing the affected area gradually.

Apart from genitals, herpes outbreaks can also take place at face, lower lips and ears. They can even appear in eyes thereby leading to intense infection and blindness. Herpes infections are initially known to display mild symptoms that almost unrecognizable. However, with time and date they turn to become unmanageable and unbearable.