Some Important Tips On How to Care For Your Hi-Visibility Clothing Items

Those of us who wear hi-visibility clothing on the job or have their significant others wear hi-vis clothing on the job surely know that these items will get dirty, stained and ripped a lot. These all important safety items get their hands dirty and protect the wearer from countless elements and hazards present on the job site. They are the all-rounders who protect us from numerous accidents, different chemicals and even from the weather. All this tells you what an important role they play in the lives of the people who have to wear them every day as a uniform for their jobs. As these articles act as our saviors and our line of defense against different accidents and hazards you’ve simply got to spend properly on them and purchase the most durable and dirt/stain resistant material out there.

Even though safety & hi-visibility clothing is built to be extremely tough and durable, they still are susceptible to some damage and if not cared for properly they may offer zero protection and safety to the wearer. Taking care of them and following some maintenance steps can make sure that your hi-visibility workwear has a long life, offers the right amount of safety and protection and is ready to take on the hazards of your jobsite.

Some important care tips for hi-visibility clothing are:

  1. Always wear hi-visibility clothing according to the weather: Different types of hi-vis clothing are made to be used in different environments. For example winter hi-visibility clothing are thick and heavy and stop the air from entering. Likewise summer hi-vis clothing are lightweight breathable and keeps the wearer cool. Now if you start wearing the hi-visibility clothing made for winters in summers, you’re going to start sweating like a pig in no time and will just make your workwear stinky and smelly. You’ll have to wash them again and again would just wear them out. So always try to wear hi-visibility clothing according to the weather to ensure the right performance.
  2. Spot clean your hi-visibility workwear regularly: Whenever you see stains and marks on your hi-vis clothing, try to spot clean and get rid of them as quickly as possible so that the stains do not set in and you can avoid washing the whole clothing article. But when doing so always do it gently. Use a mild detergent and a soft sponge. Wet the stained area and apply detergent on it and rub it gently. Next rub on the stain using a soft foam or a cleaning rag and then just rinse it off. Do not rub vigorously or use a harsh detergent or a tough rubbing cloth as that could really damage the fabric and make it lose it’s safety.
  3. Always read the care instructions tag carefully: Some hi-visibility clothing are machine washable while others are not. Make sure to always read the care instructions tag to find out whether you can wash your articles in the machine or you’d have to do them by hand. The tag lets you know a lot of important information regarding the cleaning of your fabric and how you should dry them. Some general washing tips are:
    . Use cold water to clean your hi-visibility clothes
    . Do not dry them in a drier

. Wash your hi-vis clothing inside out

. Do not pre-soak.

. Wash your clothing articles with colors that are alike.
. Do not was them with clothing articles that may have hooks or pointy objects.

. Do not use bleach

. Always use a mild detergent

. Do not dry clean or iron

Taking care of your safety and hi-visibility clothing is essential and I know it seems like a tedious job but at the end of the day these are the articles that protect you from numerous injuries and fatalities. Which is why you should always make a conscious effort to take care of them properly. Follow our tips. Trust me you hi-vis clothing articles will look good, protect you and last for a long long time.