Tips to hire a good skip hire company

No matter you are shifting your home or have builders around, skips prove to be a reliable way to handle the unwanted wastes. But, if you making use of this service the very first time, then there are some points which you should take care of.

Take a look at the tips to keep in mind to get a safe, legal and hassle-free cheap skip hire UK service:

Look for the best location

You need to position the skip close to your home or commercial premises for simple loading. If you select to position a skip on your property, then you don’t need a skip permit. However, sometimes skips can become heavy and damage your driveway. So, you can put stabilizing equipment below it, to eradicate this problem. However, if you need to place the skip on the pavement or road, then you need a skip permit. Usually these permits are available with a few days expiry date.

Accessibility is important

The skip truck is heavy and so you should keep the logistical issues in mind like how it will deliver and pick the skip. A lot of skip hire companies maneuver down several road types. But it is important to inform the driver and neighbors in advance. One should keep the safety of people in mind and ensure that no pets and kids come in close proximity.

Choose the right size

Well it is not some rocket science, but it is good to pick a realistic size after you have estimated your waste content.  You shouldn’t overfill a skip, it is illegal and thus it is important to overestimate the skip size rather than over-fill it and get fined. Skip is measured in cubic yard and one cubic yard of the skip means 1 tons of waste or 10 bin bags.

Load your skip in the right manner

Often the construction site may fail to apply logic when filling a skip. However, the simple technique to apply here is to load heavier items first and then top them up with lighter things. The small waste work as gap fillers and make your skip tightly sealed. It is also essential to keep your health in mind when loading. Make sure you carry the heavy items wisely and not harm yourself.

Things which you cannot put in the skip

As per the local council policies, there are a few things which you cannot put in a skip such as asbestos, electronic items, hazardous products, oil, gas bottles, medical waste and paint cans.

Apart from this, you should choose a reliable and reputed cheap skip hire UK company who can make the whole procedure smooth and convenient. It is important to choose a dependable firm with good reviews so that you end up getting good results.  If you are looking for a trustworthy company to manage your waste, then Cheap Skip Hire Prices is your one-stop solution. It offers a range of satisfactory residential and commercial services. Just contact their professionals of the team and they will be happy to help you.