9 Best Things to Do in Kerala, India

Cruise the Backwaters on a Houseboat

Without the experience of the Kerala backwaters, there is no trip to Kerala. The lush, palm-fringed landscape, diverse wilderness, and the houses and villages that line the waters seem like a voyage on a houseboat. It is surely an effort that is quiet and part of a romantic getaway that can be memorable. Book a hotel or home along the route to immerse yourself in the culture of the inland lagoons, lakes, and river waters.

Take a Traditional Village Tour

The famous backwaters of Kerala are dotted with vibrant small villages and customs. It’s time to stop by to visit them. Discover a dinner with a local family while learning their story. Kumbalanghi Village Tours offers group tours to Kumbalanghi, an area in the outskirts of Kochi surrounded by paddy fields. Here you will see India’s first model village in fishery and tourism, and deal with the local people who make a living from farming and fishing.

Enjoy an Ayurvedic Treatment

Life-style practices combine yoga with healthful food. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian curative tradition that is over 5 000 years old. Due to its warm climate and the abundant medicinal supply, numerous Ayurvedic spas and resorts are located in Kerala. An Ayurvedic health center, where the liver is purged and the body is regenerated, can involve staying and detox (called panchakarma) for a week. Or you can book any of your treatments, such as an oil massage or a Shirodhara, relaxing treatment with warm oil dropping on your front. It is used to treat insomnia, tinnitus, psoriasis, and neurological disorders.

Enroll in a Cooking Lesson

Kerala is known for its delicious cuisine with local delicacies such as seafood and cocoa. Certainly, it’s delightful simply to feast on this Indian food, but learning how to cook it is rewarding and gives you the ability to bring home. Sign up for a cooking class or even plan your visit by booking a residence program that includes cooking lessons and ayurvedic treatments for a couple of days. You can also go casually and learn how to cook with a local family for more intimate experiences.

Catch a Kathakali Performance

Kathakali is a very ancient, unusual form of Kerala-like dance drama. And each day you won’t see artists dressed like this! The elaborate costumes and subtle moves in dance tell a significant story about Hindu mythology. Performers are intensely trained in the art of Kathakali, including hours of eye workouts. Stop to see a performance at the Cochin Cultural Centre, or the Kerala Kathakali Centre. Or try a private Kochi tour which culminates in a dance performance by Kathakali.

Catch a Theyyam Ritual in Action

In Kannur, once a former commercial port in north Kerala, there are remote beaches, crafts and mysteriously masked rituals of Iliam. It includes dance , music and mime to bring the rich storeys of the Kerala state to life. The art form of the Theyyam also has a season from November to May. Kerala Tourism offers a full calendar of events or a guided tour of the Kannur region for overnight.

Watch the Martial Artform Kalaripayattu

Kalaripayattu has been practiced in Kerala as an ancient martial art form. Its roots can be traced back to 2000 B.C. with strikes, kicks, clashes, forms preset, weapons, and even curative methods. Attend a 60-minutes battle demonstration that encompasses the illumination of traditional lamps, a deity floral, and a short introduction to the sport. There will be no shortage of excitement with the incorporation of some 27 different weapons. Catch a show at Thekkady Center at Kadathanadan Kalari, or book a group tour of Kochi.

Watch a Snake Boat Race

Kerala comes alive with colorful snake boat races every year in the monsoon season. 120-foot canoe-like boats with 110 rowers each come together to race along the inland waterways. The snake boat in all villages has a variety of sizes and styles. Both the construction of the boats and the celebration is a unique part of a culture that unites water with the community. Today, serpentine boat races with the league and scheduled tournaments are compared with an Olympic event.

Taste Tea

Production of tea in Kerala is a big business. In India, in Munnar and Wayanad there are some of the top tea plantations. Stay on a peaceful tea plantation in typical atmospheric lodgings. Then explore the hills surrounding them with daily walks, topped by a tea tasting. (You can even book a treehouse! See the KDHP Nallathanni State Tea Museum in Munnar for an insight into tea production history.