Top Things To Do In Coorg

It is a very popular and famous destination for tourists in India. This place comes under the most famous tourist destination in India. It is famous for its coffee. It is a very beautiful hill station in Karnataka. Coorg is the best destination for beginners. It is also known as the Scotland of India. The famous Brahmagiri hill is surrounded near coorg. This place is famous for its coffee platinue. It is the first coffee platinue in India. Coorg is also famous for its spices. Most famous cauvery river falls in Coorg. This place has amazing waterfall views. There are lots of famous places. You can see the Beauty of Coorg. The best part of Coorg is the famous Brahmagiri hill. It is a very famous hill in Coorg.There are so many waterfalls, such a beautiful place. Nature lovers come here and see the real beauty of nature.

Things To Do In Coorg

Tadiandamol Trek

It is a perfect tourist destination in Coorg. You can enjoy lots of fun here. This is one of the most famous treks in Coorg. This trek takes you to the highest peak in Kodagu district. It is the third highest peak in Karnataka. This trek falls in brahmagiri rivers. You can see the wildlife here and beautiful scenery of this trek.When you start trekking here you can see some beautiful garden areas and forest scenery.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is located in Coorg. It is one of the most famous and attractive destinations in coorg. It is also known as Abbi Falls. The waterfall scene is so amazing to see. The water comes down around 70 feets. It is a very beautiful scene. The people can take 200 steps to reach this fall. This is a very beautiful Fall in Coorg.

Coffee Platinue

Coorg is one of the highest coffee Platinue in india. Coorg coffee is very popular all over India. This place is most famous for its coffee Platinue. Spices also grow in Coorg and it is also very famous. There are some stores where you can buy coffee and spices here.


You can see the amazing views of waterfalls in Coorg. Some are very famous like Abbi Falls. The water of these falls is so pure. These falls have many amazing falls and beautiful scenery. You can see the real beauty of waterfalls in Coorg.

River Rafting In Coorg

The Barapole river is a perfect destination for River Rafting in Coorg. This white river and pure water is such beautiful scenery to see. This place organized the best River Rafting camp and beautiful fall. You can also see wildlife here. The beautiful memories and landscape scenery are so amazing.

Raja’s Seat

It is a beautiful garden area in Coorg.

It is situated in Madikeri in the district of Coorg. Here you can see the beautiful garden scenery. It is the best destination to see the sunrise or sunset views. There are lots of plants and all are so beautiful. Also you see fountains here. The waterfall by these fountains is so attractive to can enjoy some rides here. The toy train rides for your little ones.

Madikeri Fort

This is a very famous Fort in Coorg. It is a very ancient Fort (17 century) that looks so beautiful to see. By this fort all the history of Coorg was revealed. It is made by Muddu Raja. It is the new capital of Coorg after 17 centuries have passed. This fort was captured by Tipu Sultan. The design of this fort is so attractive. It is completely looking so pretty. Tipu Sultan added some changes in this fort to their structure, designed, and all the changes were given by the British.

Omkareshwar Temple

This temple was built in 1820 by King Lingarajendra. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. The architecture of this temple is so beautiful to see. The temple’s beauty is so attractive to people. It is completely designed like a typical Muslim Durga. This is the most famous temple in Coorg. Fresh water added some beauty to this temple.

Trekking In Coorg

There are lots of places for trekking. You can easily trek to these places. Some are very popular treks. These treks organized trekking camps to make your journey memorable. You can enjoy lots here. The trekking area is very safe and suitable for you. You can capture some memories in this beautiful place. This place has an amazing experience for tourists.

Shopping In Coorg

There are lots of markets for shopping.

You can buy anything from these markets. You can especially buy coffee from here. The coffee is so famous. The spices of Coorg are also famous in Karnataka. It is a hub of shooting in Karnataka.The markets of Coorg are so beautiful to see. Tourists enjoy shopping in Coorg.